Sunday, February 24, 2019

Best Astrologer in Kolkata advises to buy good quality gemstones

Best Astrologer in Kolkata advises to buy good quality gemstones
Gemstones have been long known to humans for their majestic look & their ability to deliver results. They are linked to planetary energies like Ruby is associated with the strongest & hottest planet Sun. Pearls are associated with Moon. Red Coral, Padaparscha Sapphire are linked to planet Mars. Emerald is associated with the planet Mercury. Yellow Sapphire is associated with the most quickest result giving planet Jupiter. Venus is the associated with Diamond or White Sapphire. Blue Sapphire & Purple Sapphire is associated with Saturn. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye is associated with the planet Ketu & Hessonite is for Rahu.
Quality of gemstones vary, so does their price. Higher the transparency, more the colour, more the lustre their price shoots up. The better the quality, faster & better results can be expected.
Treated gemstones:
Treated gemstones can give results but upto 20% compared to the untreated gemstones of same colour. Treated gemstones may look beautiful & sound affordable are currently dominating the gem market.
Why client’s don’t get results even after buying gemstones?
Most people think they should buy the gemstones which are certified & sold by gem shops. But the fact is common people have no idea about gem selections & treatments. Only thing they want to know how cheap they can get it, most of the times they end up buying highly treated stones which look like gemstones. People settle down for such treated stones whose quality is improved after many process. Then people don’t get the desired results & start to blame astrologers for recommending useless gemstones. As an astrologer of international standard I recommend buying gemstones from astrologer because with the years of expertise, an astrologer will be able to offer gem quality stones which have the capacity to deliver results.
Natural gemstones are very different from the treated gemstones & are capable of delivering 100% results. Hence they are expensive.
So either trust the astrologer you chose or don’t visit them at all.
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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Horoscope Predictions by the best astrologer in India

Horoscope Predictions by the best astrologer in India

Aries: Best time to get a new job or business opportunity. Family life will be good, specially with kids. You might spend a little bit more today.
Taurus: Candidates will get success in competition (sports). Work hard & that is the key to success. Your spouse will still support you even if she doesn’t like your idea.
Gemini: If you are creative then you will be need to explain how things can turn around. Avoid taking huge risk. Try not to loose your focus, but do so with a calm mind. Spouse & child keep you happy.
Cancer: If you have not been able to finish your work in hand then please discuss this with your boss on weekend. Don’t take work pressure, enjoy with friends & family. Your baby would love to spend time with you & so will be your spouse.
Leo: You might have to work on a different project. Your ability to understand things quickly will help you. There might be some stress because of relatives. But happiness will come from spouse & children.
Virgo: There will be delivery pressure. Big loss of money. Married & unmarried couples will have a wonderful time together.
Libra: Speaking to boss might make you feel better. Good day to get money which has been stuck for a long time. Personal life & family life will be good today.
Scorpio: Spending time with family will be good. But your parents might not be happy with something. Financially it’s a good day.
Sagittarius: Good day for speculative investments provided you have done a careful study about your choice.
Capricorn: Work hard & enjoy the day. You can get extra bucks for your extra work. You might spoil your day by disagreeing with your partner.
Aquarius: Build connections which might help you in career growth. Money lenders can get some profitable customers.
Pisces: If you have high aspirations, then also keep your focus on your target. Hard working professionals will get good result today.
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